From buying, selling, and leasing across all asset types and specialties, private equity, and tenant services, let our highly-experienced team of commercial brokers help you get more out of your investment opportunities.

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Our office real estate specialists have the inside-track on all of the latest market intelligence, helping you take advantage of market trends and maximize your opportunities.

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Our hospitality specialists provide experienced advisory services, introducing proposed transactions to the right sources in a timely and confidential manner in order to help you secure maximum return on your invested asset.

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Looking to open a restaurant? Our team of associates can provide insightful market information to help you plan a successful operation.

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With unrivaled understanding of sub-markets, our team can provide valuable market information and assist you in making informed decisions, with a clear view of anticipated value and land use.

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Whether you’re looking to acquire new assets or reposition owned ones, our teams have the expertise and market intelligence to help you develop a strong investment strategy.

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We provide best-in-class advisory and transaction services to help you sell, lease or reposition your retail assets in order to meet the unique challenges of an evolving market.

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Whether you're past due on loan payments, dealing with damage & repairs, or facing low market values . . . a short sale can be a great way to save your property from immediate foreclosure! 

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From a small family owned business to large companies, our Business Brokers have the knowledge and experience to transition your business.

Business valuation


Our valuations provide you with a complete overview of your business, risks associated with your industry, areas for growth, and recommendations for bringing more value to your company.

Residential real estate


The Gilezan Team understands the unique needs of  buyers looking for a home in and around Louisville, Kentucky.  Our passion for real estate and experience has helped thousands of buyers find the homes of their dreams. Let Gilezan Team find your next home today.



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